Regular Session

  1. 2D Materials & Layered Materials
  2. Advances in Experimental Methods
  3. Advances in Theoretical Methods
  4. Catalysis
  5. Electrochemistry on Surfaces
  6. Energy Materials
  7. Functional Surface Nanostructures, Plasmonics, and Sensors
  8. Ion Surface Interactions
  9. Magnetism
  10. Organic Molecules & Molecular Architectures on Surfaces
  11. Optical Properties at the Nanoscale
  12. Oxide Surfaces
  13. Surfaces & their Applications
  14. Topological Insulators & Strong Correlations Systems
  15. Water & Environmental Surfaces


  1. Atomic Scale Mineral-Water Interfaces
  2. At the Junction between Surface Chemistry and Physic: the Complementary Application of Surface Zeta Potential and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
  3. Exploring Structure-Properties Correlation in Nanostructured Materials
  4. MXenes and Related Materials
  5. Nanostructured Materials for Enhancing Light-Matter Interactions
  6. Optical, Vibrational, and Magnetic Properties of van der Waals Materials
  7. Orbital Angular Momentum-Based Phenomena in Quantum Materials and Their Surfaces
  8. Photoemission Tomography as a Tool for Studying Molecular Interfaces, Applications and Future Perspectives
  9. Response of the Surface on the Ions` Bombardment: Experiments, Theoretical Models and Simulations
  10. Single-Molecule Devices: Beyond Electronic Transport
  11. State-of-the-Art ARPES Measurements at Synchrotron
  12. Surface Astrochemistry
  13. Surface Reactions on 2D Materials and Ultrathin Oxide Films
  14. Surfaces in Plasma Catalysis
  15. Xenes: Two-Dimensional Artificial Materials